Orient Pear - trip of in Sri Lanka

Ciruit for the "tear detached from India"

Between tea plantations and rice fields, we enter the serene Sri Lanka, in a quiet and relaxed circuit by the "Indian tear drop", "one of the most serene and exotic countries of the continent."


Day 1: Flight to Colombo
Overnight on board

Day 2: Colombo
Upon arrival at the Colombo airport, meet and transfer to city tour.

Day 3: Colombo-Pinnawala-Dambulla-Sirgiriya or Habarana
After breakfast, transfer to Pinnawala to visit the famous elephant orphanage. We continue towards Dambulla, in the center of the island, which is known for its impressive caves decorated with frescoes and Buddhist statues. Transfer to the hotel in Sigiriya or Habarana to enjoy the rest of the day.

Day 4: Sigiriya o Habarana - Sigiriya - Polonnaruwa - Habarana o Sigiriya
After breakfast, transfer to Sigiriya, one of the most mythical places in Sri Lanka. We follow the route crossing the jungle to travel by bicycle to the ancient city of Polonnaruwa. Transfer to the hotel in Sigiriya or Habarana to enjoy the rest of the day off.

Day 5: Sigiriya o Habarana - Matale - Kandy
After breakfast, transfer to Matale.The spice garden of Matale. We stopped for lunch at a local restaurant before continuing on to Kandy. Night in Kandy.

Day 6: Kandy - Tea plantation - Nuwaraeliya
Breakfast at the hotel followed by a tour of the major attractions of the city of Kandy. Transfer from Kandy to a plantation and tea factory, stopping en route to lunch. Then, we enjoyed a tasting of authentic Ceylon tea, considered one of the best blends in the world. We pass through green undulating fields full of tea plantations on the way to Nuwara Eliya, a picturesque village on the shores of a lake. Night in Nuwara Eliya.

Day 7: Nuwaraeliya-Ella-Buduruwagala-Yala / Tissamaharama
After breakfast, transfer to Ella to circulating through the green and beautiful landscapes of the Central Highlands. From there, we continue to Buduruwagala, an ancient Buddhist temple dating back to the 4th or 5th centuries. Transfer to the Yala National Park with a stop for lunch at a local restaurant. When arriving at the park, we made a safari in a rustic Jeep. In this national park there are elephants, wild boars, buffalo, leopards, deer bears and crocodiles as well as large flocks of native and migrating birds. Dinner and accommodation in Tissamaharama or Yala.

Day 8: Tissamaharama – Weligama – Galle – Koggala
After breakfast, transfer to Weligama. We stop in this coastal city to observe the fishermen practicing their exceptional way of fishing. We continue towards Galle, We visit the Galle fortress. Transfer from Galle to Koggalaen in the southeast of the country on the shores of the Indian Ocean. Dinner and accommodation.

Day 9: Koggala - Mirissa - Koggala
Excursion to Mirissa for whale watching. Rest of the day relax in Mirissa and transfer to Koggala. Overnight at Koggala.

Day 10: Koggala - Colombo Airport
After breakfast, transfer to Colombo airport to take the flight back.

Day 11: Arrival
Arrival at the home city.


Airport and transfer assistance.
Parck and monuments entrances.
Basic travel insurance.

No Incluye

Expenses caused by delays or air cancellations.
Other aspects not mentioned in the section include.
Multiasistance insurance and cancellation, optional.
International flights

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Ancient Ceylan, surrounded by beautiful beaches, is a conglomeration of jungles, rice fields and temples where mysticism and serenity have given it the nickname of East Tahiti.

Clima - Estacionalidad

Jan 30ºC 25ºC 28ºC 88% 25% 66ml 12kmh
Feb 31ºC 25ºC 28ºC 88% 20% 47ml 10kmh
Mar 31ºC 26ºC 29ºC 88% 28% 69ml 10kmh
Apr 31ºC 26ºC 29ºC 88% 41% 112ml 14kmh
May 31ºC 27ºC 29ºC 88% 46% 126ml 20kmh
Jun 30ºC 27ºC 28ºC 88% 39% 91ml 25kmh
Jul 30ºC 27ºC 28ºC 88% 29% 61ml 24kmh
Aug 30ºC 26ºC 28ºC 88% 31% 70ml 24kmh
Sep 30ºC 26ºC 28ºC 88% 39% 106ml 22kmh
Oct 30ºC 26ºC 28ºC 88% 55% 168ml 18kmh
Nov 30ºC 25ºC 28ºC 88% 58% 186ml 14kmh
Dec 30ºC 25ºC 28ºC 88% 42% 124ml 13kmh
Jan 30ºC 23ºC 28ºC 88% 29% 105ml 18kmh
Feb 31ºC 23ºC 28ºC 88% 21% 70ml 16kmh
Mar 32ºC 25ºC 29ºC 88% 27% 76ml 12kmh
Apr 32ºC 25ºC 29ºC 88% 39% 111ml 13kmh
May 32ºC 26ºC 29ºC 88% 42% 109ml 20kmh
Jun 31ºC 26ºC 28ºC 88% 32% 70ml 25kmh
Jul 32ºC 25ºC 28ºC 88% 24% 46ml 24kmh
Aug 31ºC 25ºC 28ºC 88% 28% 58ml 24kmh
Sep 31ºC 25ºC 28ºC 88% 39% 100ml 23kmh
Oct 31ºC 24ºC 28ºC 88% 55% 173ml 18kmh
Nov 30ºC 24ºC 28ºC 88% 60% 210ml 13kmh
Dec 30ºC 23ºC 28ºC 88% 47% 166ml 15kmh
Jan 29ºC 18ºC 27ºC 90% 28% 95ml 13kmh
Feb 31ºC 18ºC 28ºC 90% 21% 62ml 11kmh
Mar 32ºC 20ºC 29ºC 90% 29% 67ml 8kmh
Apr 31ºC 22ºC 30ºC 90% 41% 95ml 8kmh
May 29ºC 22ºC 30ºC 90% 43% 97ml 15kmh
Jun 29ºC 22ºC 30ºC 90% 34% 69ml 21kmh
Jul 29ºC 22ºC 29ºC 90% 28% 52ml 21kmh
Aug 29ºC 22ºC 29ºC 90% 30% 57ml 20kmh
Sep 29ºC 21ºC 29ºC 90% 38% 89ml 18kmh
Oct 29ºC 20ºC 29ºC 90% 55% 159ml 13kmh
Nov 28ºC 20ºC 28ºC 90% 57% 189ml 10kmh
Dec 28ºC 19ºC 27ºC 90% 44% 150ml 12kmh
Jan 30ºC 21ºC 27ºC 88% 27% 101ml 14kmh
Feb 32ºC 21ºC 28ºC 88% 19% 60ml 13kmh
Mar 34ºC 23ºC 29ºC 88% 28% 61ml 11kmh
Apr 34ºC 23ºC 30ºC 88% 37% 84ml 10kmh
May 33ºC 24ºC 30ºC 88% 34% 75ml 17kmh
Jun 32ºC 24ºC 30ºC 88% 21% 39ml 23kmh
Jul 32ºC 24ºC 29ºC 88% 17% 30ml 24kmh
Aug 32ºC 24ºC 29ºC 88% 22% 39ml 22kmh
Sep 32ºC 24ºC 29ºC 88% 32% 75ml 20kmh
Oct 30ºC 22ºC 29ºC 88% 52% 158ml 14kmh
Nov 29ºC 22ºC 28ºC 88% 57% 201ml 12kmh
Dec 29ºC 21ºC 27ºC 88% 44% 165ml 13kmh
Jan 30ºC 22ºC 28ºC 88% 27% 86ml 15kmh
Feb 31ºC 22ºC 28ºC 88% 20% 57ml 13kmh
Mar 32ºC 24ºC 29ºC 88% 29% 69ml 10kmh
Apr 32ºC 24ºC 30ºC 88% 41% 106ml 11kmh
May 31ºC 25ºC 29ºC 88% 44% 111ml 18kmh
Jun 31ºC 25ºC 29ºC 88% 34% 75ml 23kmh
Jul 31ºC 25ºC 28ºC 88% 26% 50ml 23kmh
Aug 30ºC 25ºC 28ºC 88% 29% 58ml 22kmh
Sep 30ºC 24ºC 28ºC 88% 38% 97ml 21kmh
Oct 30ºC 23ºC 28ºC 88% 56% 171ml 16kmh
Nov 29ºC 23ºC 28ºC 88% 59% 198ml 13kmh
Dec 30ºC 22ºC 28ºC 88% 44% 146ml 14kmh
Jan 31ºC 23ºC 28ºC 88% 25% 61ml 16kmh
Feb 31ºC 24ºC 28ºC 88% 20% 45ml 13kmh
Mar 32ºC 25ºC 29ºC 88% 32% 74ml 10kmh
Apr 32ºC 26ºC 30ºC 88% 48% 128ml 12kmh
May 31ºC 26ºC 29ºC 88% 53% 146ml 18kmh
Jun 31ºC 27ºC 28ºC 88% 45% 105ml 22kmh
Jul 30ºC 26ºC 27ºC 88% 32% 62ml 22kmh
Aug 30ºC 26ºC 27ºC 88% 32% 66ml 21kmh
Sep 30ºC 26ºC 28ºC 88% 44% 113ml 20kmh
Oct 30ºC 25ºC 28ºC 88% 61% 195ml 16kmh
Nov 30ºC 24ºC 28ºC 88% 61% 205ml 14kmh
Dec 31ºC 24ºC 28ºC 88% 42% 124ml 16kmh

Especies - Estacionalidad

Especies JanJFebFMarMAprAMayMJunJJulJAugASepSOctONovNDecD
Especies JanJFebFMarMAprAMayMJunJJulJAugASepSOctONovNDecD
Manta Ray
Moray eel
Walhe Shark
Common Dolphin
Especies JanJFebFMarMAprAMayMJunJJulJAugASepSOctONovNDecD
Komodo dragon
Especies JanJFebFMarMAprAMayMJunJJulJAugASepSOctONovNDecD

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