Natural parks Madagascar - trip of in Madagascar

Madagascar, the great island of the Indian Ocean

Through the main natural parks, we enter one of the most interesting destinations for nature lovers; visiting the Zafimaniry animistic villages, sailing in a traditional canoe, touring the Highlands in the Jungle Train ... to end the trip on the beaches of Ifaty or Madiorano, whose coral reef has been declared a Biosphere Reserve by Unesco.


Day 1: Flight to Antananarivo
Arrival and connection with flight destination Antananarivo, short Stop (1h), no stopover, in Mauritius. Overnight on board.

Day 2: Antananarivo
Arrival, reception at the airport, visa procedures, reception by the Spanish speaking guide of IndigoBe and transfer to the hotel. (Accomodation).

Day 3: Antananarivo-Andasibe-Mantadia National Park
Breakfast and departure to the Andasibe National Park, en route we will visit the Mandraka-Peyrieras Private Reserve. City of Moramanga and visit its market. Continue to andasibe National Park. Installation in the lodge. (Accomodation).

Day 4: Andasibe - Mantadi National Park
Breakfast and early departure to the Analamazaotra Special Reserve (Andasibe-Mantadia National Park). After lunch (not included) walk through the small town of Andasibe and return to the lodge. At the scheduled time, night tour of the Private Reserve (the front lantern must be needed). (Accomodation).

Day 5: Andasibe-Mantadia National Par-Behenjy-Antsirabe
Breakfast very early and continued to the Malgache "Highlands", walking the famous RN7 road. Free lunch (Not included) in the city of Foie-gras, Behenjy. Continue to Ambatolampy. In the afternoon, arrive in the colonial city of Antsirabe and install it in the hotel. (Accomodation).

Day 6: Antsirabe-Ambositra-Ranomafana National Park
Breakfast and tour in Pousse-Pousse to tour the historic center of this city. Visit the Atsena Kely (small market) the Cathedral, train station, as well as the countless buildings of the French colonial era. After the visit, depart for the Malagasy craft capital, Ambositra. Free visit to the marquetry and silk shops. Free lunch. In the afternoon, arrive at Ranomafana National Park and install it at the hotel. (Accomodation).

Day 7: Ranomafana / Sahambvay National Park
Breakfast and early walking tour of Ranomafana National Park where we will take a hike. After lunch panoramic view of the waterfall over the Namorona River. Continue until Sahambavy. (Accommodation).

Day 8: Sahambavy - Ambalavao - Anja - Islao
Breakfast and departure to Ranohirjhfga. Walk through the "old town" of Fianarantsoa and panoramic view of the city from the "Haute Ville". Continuation to the town of Ambalavao, where we will visit the paper factory above and the Natural Reserve of Anjo (hiking 01h30). Free lunch and continuation to Isalo National Park. (Accommodation).

Day 9: Isalo National Park
Breakfast and visit of isalo National Park. Visit of the waterfall of the Nymphs, blue pool and black pool in the famous Namaza Canyon and the spectacular sunset from the "window of the Isalo". Back to the hotel. (Accommodation).

Day 10: Isalo National Park
Breakfast and visit of isalo National Park. Visit the region known as La Crète, with an impressive landscape and we will finish our walk in the natural pool. Return to the hotel and visit on a walking tour of the village Bara de Mariany. Return to the lodge and sunset from "Giorgio's Windows".

Day 11: Isalo / Zombitse N.P / Tulear / Ifaty o Madior
Breakfast and route south, observing the famous Mahafaly tombs (stone tombs) along the way, and being able to photograph the first Malagasy southern baobab before Sakaraha. We will also visit the Zombitse National Park. Arrival in Tulear and visit the shell market, free lunch. In the afternoon transfer to the beaches of Ifaty or Madiorano.

Day 12: Ifaty beaches or Madiorano
Free day in Ifaty or Madiorano. Possibility to book excursions in the hotel. (Accommodation).

Day 13: Madiorano o Ifaty / Tulear - Antananarivo
Breakfast and at the agreed time transfer to Tuléar airport, domestic flight destination to the capital.

Day 14: Antananarivo - Istanbul
Breakfast and visit La Digue market, the largest craft fair on the island and one of the largest markets in Africa. After the visit, continue to Ivato Airport to take international flight back. You have to show up 3 hours before departure.

Day 15: Istanbul - Barcelona o Madrid
Arrival at Istanbul airport and flight connection to Madrid and Barcelona.


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Clima - Estacionalidad

Jan 28ºC 19ºC 0ºC 70% 66% 213ml 15kmh
Feb 28ºC 19ºC 0ºC 70% 63% 191ml 15kmh
Mar 27ºC 17ºC 0ºC 70% 46% 104ml 15kmh
Apr 26ºC 15ºC 0ºC 70% 23% 35ml 15kmh
May 24ºC 13ºC 0ºC 70% 9% 12ml 15kmh
Jun 23ºC 11ºC 0ºC 70% 3% 5ml 16kmh
Jul 24ºC 11ºC 0ºC 70% 3% 5ml 18kmh
Aug 27ºC 12ºC 0ºC 70% 3% 4ml 19kmh
Sep 30ºC 14ºC 0ºC 70% 6% 9ml 19kmh
Oct 32ºC 17ºC 0ºC 70% 18% 32ml 17kmh
Nov 31ºC 18ºC 0ºC 70% 40% 80ml 15kmh
Dec 30ºC 18ºC 0ºC 70% 58% 154ml 14kmh
Jan 30ºC 21ºC 29ºC 68% 66% 235ml 13kmh
Feb 30ºC 20ºC 30ºC 68% 63% 211ml 13kmh
Mar 29ºC 18ºC 30ºC 68% 41% 111ml 13kmh
Apr 28ºC 16ºC 28ºC 68% 18% 36ml 13kmh
May 26ºC 13ºC 26ºC 68% 10% 16ml 14kmh
Jun 26ºC 11ºC 25ºC 68% 7% 11ml 15kmh
Jul 26ºC 12ºC 25ºC 68% 6% 12ml 16kmh
Aug 29ºC 13ºC 25ºC 68% 5% 10ml 16kmh
Sep 31ºC 16ºC 25ºC 68% 7% 13ml 17kmh
Oct 31ºC 18ºC 27ºC 68% 16% 32ml 16kmh
Nov 32ºC 20ºC 28ºC 68% 34% 77ml 14kmh
Dec 31ºC 20ºC 29ºC 68% 53% 159ml 13kmh
Jan 28ºC 21ºC 28ºC 76% 76% 353ml 7kmh
Feb 28ºC 21ºC 28ºC 76% 78% 374ml 7kmh
Mar 27ºC 20ºC 28ºC 76% 68% 280ml 6kmh
Apr 26ºC 18ºC 27ºC 76% 49% 154ml 6kmh
May 23ºC 15ºC 0ºC 76% 34% 95ml 0kmh
Jun 22ºC 14ºC 25ºC 76% 30% 81ml 6kmh
Jul 22ºC 14ºC 24ºC 76% 30% 76ml 6kmh
Aug 23ºC 14ºC 24ºC 76% 22% 52ml 7kmh
Sep 25ºC 16ºC 24ºC 76% 20% 47ml 7kmh
Oct 27ºC 18ºC 25ºC 76% 34% 88ml 7kmh
Nov 27ºC 20ºC 26ºC 76% 54% 167ml 7kmh
Dec 28ºC 20ºC 27ºC 76% 68% 267ml 6kmh
Jan 27ºC 18ºC 28ºC 82% 82% 399ml 5kmh
Feb 26ºC 18ºC 28ºC 82% 86% 415ml 5kmh
Mar 26ºC 17ºC 28ºC 82% 77% 331ml 5kmh
Apr 24ºC 16ºC 28ºC 82% 62% 201ml 5kmh
May 21ºC 13ºC 26ºC 82% 47% 126ml 5kmh
Jun 20ºC 11ºC 25ºC 82% 45% 113ml 5kmh
Jul 19ºC 11ºC 25ºC 82% 47% 110ml 5kmh
Aug 21ºC 11ºC 24ºC 82% 38% 80ml 5kmh
Sep 23ºC 13ºC 24ºC 82% 30% 60ml 5kmh
Oct 25ºC 15ºC 25ºC 82% 34% 91ml 5kmh
Nov 26ºC 16ºC 27ºC 82% 52% 173ml 5kmh
Dec 26ºC 18ºC 28ºC 82% 69% 300ml 5kmh
Jan 28ºC 19ºC 17ºC 76% 74% 321ml 10kmh
Feb 28ºC 19ºC 17ºC 76% 74% 315ml 11kmh
Mar 27ºC 18ºC 17ºC 76% 59% 217ml 10kmh
Apr 26ºC 16ºC 17ºC 76% 39% 108ml 10kmh
May 23ºC 13ºC 10ºC 76% 25% 58ml 9kmh
Jun 22ºC 11ºC 15ºC 76% 21% 48ml 11kmh
Jul 22ºC 12ºC 15ºC 76% 22% 47ml 12kmh
Aug 24ºC 12ºC 15ºC 76% 16% 34ml 12kmh
Sep 27ºC 14ºC 15ºC 76% 15% 31ml 12kmh
Oct 28ºC 17ºC 15ºC 76% 26% 64ml 11kmh
Nov 29ºC 18ºC 16ºC 76% 47% 136ml 10kmh
Dec 28ºC 19ºC 17ºC 76% 64% 239ml 10kmh
Jan 26ºC 17ºC 0ºC 84% 80% 404ml 12kmh
Feb 26ºC 17ºC 0ºC 84% 80% 383ml 13kmh
Mar 26ºC 17ºC 0ºC 84% 65% 260ml 12kmh
Apr 25ºC 15ºC 0ºC 84% 42% 114ml 12kmh
May 22ºC 12ºC 0ºC 84% 24% 43ml 12kmh
Jun 20ºC 10ºC 0ºC 84% 20% 31ml 13kmh
Jul 20ºC 10ºC 0ºC 84% 22% 31ml 15kmh
Aug 22ºC 10ºC 0ºC 84% 14% 22ml 15kmh
Sep 25ºC 12ºC 0ºC 84% 13% 28ml 14kmh
Oct 27ºC 15ºC 0ºC 84% 29% 78ml 12kmh
Nov 27ºC 16ºC 0ºC 84% 53% 181ml 11kmh
Dec 27ºC 17ºC 0ºC 84% 71% 317ml 11kmh

Especies - Estacionalidad

Especies JanJFebFMarMAprAMayMJunJJulJAugASepSOctONovNDecD
Diademed sifaka
Especies JanJFebFMarMAprAMayMJunJJulJAugASepSOctONovNDecD
Benson's rock thrush
Especies JanJFebFMarMAprAMayMJunJJulJAugASepSOctONovNDecD
Molagasy striped civit
Especies JanJFebFMarMAprAMayMJunJJulJAugASepSOctONovNDecD
Cuckoo roller

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