Namibia self drive - trip of in South Africa, Namibia

The inhospitable beauty of the desert

Namibia stretches over the oldest desert on the planet. It is the second country in the world with the lowest population density; an immense territory that brings together some of Africa's most beautiful and inhospitable landscapes: the Skeleton Coast, the highest dunes in the world in the magical Namib desert and the Etosha National Park; one of the parks with the highest concentration of wildlife of the entire continent.


Day 1: Flight to Johannesburg
Overnight on board.

Day 2: Johannesburg - Windhoek
Flight connected to flight to Namibia capital. Upon arrival, pick up the rental vehicle at the airport and transfer to the hotel in Windhoek.

Day 3: Windhoek - Namib Desert
Departure to Sossusvlei. 5h journey through the mountains of the Namib Naukluft. Arrival at the lodge, located in the imposing Sossusvlei desert where we find some of the highest and most beautiful dunes in the world for its colorful ferrous ocher. The contrasts between the shaded areas and the orange illuminated areas give rise to a magical landscape, unique in the world. Possibility of flying over the desert in a balloon at sunset. Accommodation and dinner.

Day 4: Sossusvlei / Sesriem
First thing we went out to visit the dunes of Sossusvlei, the famous Forty five. Despite the aridity of the desert, it is inhabited by large groups of Oryx antelopes. We cross the area and cross the Sesriem Canyon before returning to the accommodation. Accommodation and dinner.

Day 5: Sossusvlei - Swakopmund
We follow the route through the Kuiseb Canyon towards the German colonial style village of Swakopmund. We cross the so-called moon landscape and the region where we find the Welwitschia plant in the desert, a prehistoric dwarf plant (a living fossil) that grows thanks to the humidity and fog produced by the Atlantic Ocean. These plants can reach an age of more than 1000 years. Arrival in Swakopmund where the vestiges of the German colonial era are evident. We can enjoy the beaches although it is an area with frequent fogs and the water temperature is cold. Bed and breakfast.

Day 6: Skeletons Coast - Damaraland
We took course North towards the Coast of the Skeletons. Over the centuries, its dangerous waters have destroyed many ships and it is possible to see shipwrecks on the sand. Visit the Cape Cross sea lion colony. Possibility of flying over the coast by plane to admire the high dunes that flow into the sea and the large flocks of pink flamingos. We continue towards Damaraland. Optionally we can make a safari in 4x4 to locate the herds of elephants adapted to the desert. Accommodation and dinner.

Day 7: Damaraland - Etosha
Visit to Twyfelfontein, Known for having the largest collection of cave paintings in Africa, with figures of antelope oryx, giraffes, etc. To highlight the strange rock formations of the area. We continue to the north, the Himba region; The Himbas, an ancient tribe of semi-nomadic shepherds live in settlements scattered throughout the Kunene region. Women are known for their sculptural beauty, intricate hairstyles and traditional ornaments.

Day 8: Etosha South zone
Etosha is one of the largest national parks in Southern Africa, with an area of ​​22,000 square kilometers. It is a unique dryland habitat characterized by its wells (or holes) that give rise to aguadas in which the large African mammals are concentrated to drink. This park is one of the most important wildlife sanctuaries in Africa. Protects lions, leopards, cheetahs, elephants, rhinoceroses, giraffes, zebras and others. Accommodation, breakfast and dinner.

Day 9: Etosha East area
We dedicate the day to make safari in the park, while we go towards the zone of the East. Accommodation, breakfast and dinner.

Day 10: Etosha
We dedicate the day to make safari in the East area of ​​the park. Accommodation, breakfast and dinner.

Day 11: Etosha - Windhoek
Departure to Windhoek, optional stop at Okonjima cheetahs recovery farm. Bed and breakfast.

Day 12: Windhoek
After breakfast, transfer to airport to return the vehicle and flight back.

Day 13: Arrival
Arrival at your city.


Car rental 4x4.
Basic travel insurance.

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Optional visits
International flights

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It evokes great landscapes and overflowing nature; Its territory contains small countries and disparate ethnic groups, in addition to being the only country in the world where, in a single day, we can see the Big Five lands.

Namibia, the second most depopulated country on the planet, is pure scenery. From the inhospitable coasts of the skeletons to the dunes of the Namib, it surprises us for being the maximun exponent of nature in its purest form. 

Clima - Estacionalidad

Jan 30ºC 20ºC 0ºC 68% 43% 104ml 12kmh
Feb 30ºC 19ºC 0ºC 68% 42% 97ml 12kmh
Mar 29ºC 18ºC 0ºC 68% 29% 61ml 12kmh
Apr 29ºC 15ºC 0ºC 68% 14% 26ml 13kmh
May 26ºC 11ºC 0ºC 68% 3% 5ml 14kmh
Jun 24ºC 9ºC 0ºC 68% 0% 0ml 15kmh
Jul 26ºC 9ºC 0ºC 68% 0% 0ml 16kmh
Aug 30ºC 14ºC 0ºC 68% 0% 0ml 16kmh
Sep 33ºC 18ºC 0ºC 68% 3% 5ml 16kmh
Oct 33ºC 20ºC 0ºC 68% 9% 20ml 15kmh
Nov 32ºC 20ºC 0ºC 68% 20% 44ml 13kmh
Dec 0ºC 0ºC 0ºC 0% 0% 0ml 0kmh
Jan 34ºC 20ºC 0ºC 29% 18% 31ml 14kmh
Feb 32ºC 19ºC 0ºC 29% 21% 38ml 13kmh
Mar 30ºC 16ºC 0ºC 29% 17% 31ml 12kmh
Apr 28ºC 11ºC 0ºC 29% 10% 17ml 13kmh
May 24ºC 7ºC 0ºC 29% 3% 6ml 14kmh
Jun 22ºC 4ºC 0ºC 29% 1% 1ml 15kmh
Jul 23ºC 5ºC 0ºC 29% 0% 0ml 15kmh
Aug 27ºC 8ºC 0ºC 29% 0% 0ml 16kmh
Sep 30ºC 12ºC 0ºC 29% 1% 1ml 16kmh
Oct 32ºC 15ºC 0ºC 29% 3% 4ml 16kmh
Nov 33ºC 18ºC 0ºC 29% 6% 10ml 16kmh
Dec 35ºC 20ºC 0ºC 29% 10% 18ml 15kmh
Jan 34ºC 17ºC 0ºC 54% 21% 48ml 14kmh
Feb 35ºC 18ºC 0ºC 54% 28% 62ml 12kmh
Mar 34ºC 18ºC 0ºC 54% 24% 50ml 11kmh
Apr 32ºC 16ºC 0ºC 54% 13% 25ml 12kmh
May 29ºC 12ºC 0ºC 54% 3% 7ml 14kmh
Jun 28ºC 10ºC 0ºC 54% 0% 0ml 16kmh
Jul 29ºC 10ºC 0ºC 54% 0% 0ml 16kmh
Aug 33ºC 13ºC 0ºC 54% 0% 0ml 15kmh
Sep 35ºC 15ºC 0ºC 54% 1% 1ml 14kmh
Oct 36ºC 17ºC 0ºC 54% 2% 4ml 14kmh
Nov 36ºC 17ºC 0ºC 54% 6% 11ml 14kmh
Dec 36ºC 17ºC 0ºC 54% 11% 25ml 14kmh
Jan 21ºC 16ºC 18ºC 30% 3% 3ml 12kmh
Feb 21ºC 16ºC 18ºC 30% 3% 4ml 12kmh
Mar 23ºC 15ºC 17ºC 30% 3% 5ml 12kmh
Apr 22ºC 13ºC 16ºC 30% 2% 4ml 12kmh
May 22ºC 12ºC 15ºC 30% 1% 2ml 13kmh
Jun 21ºC 12ºC 14ºC 30% 0% 1ml 14kmh
Jul 20ºC 10ºC 14ºC 30% 0% 0ml 14kmh
Aug 19ºC 10ºC 13ºC 30% 0% 0ml 13kmh
Sep 19ºC 11ºC 13ºC 30% 0% 0ml 13kmh
Oct 19ºC 12ºC 14ºC 30% 0% 1ml 13kmh
Nov 19ºC 14ºC 16ºC 30% 1% 2ml 13kmh
Dec 20ºC 15ºC 17ºC 30% 1% 2ml 13kmh
Jan 29ºC 18ºC 0ºC 49% 31% 65ml 12kmh
Feb 29ºC 18ºC 0ºC 49% 36% 79ml 12kmh
Mar 27ºC 16ºC 0ºC 49% 27% 59ml 11kmh
Apr 26ºC 13ºC 0ºC 49% 15% 31ml 12kmh
May 23ºC 10ºC 0ºC 49% 5% 9ml 13kmh
Jun 21ºC 8ºC 0ºC 49% 0% 1ml 15kmh
Jul 23ºC 8ºC 0ºC 49% 0% 0ml 16kmh
Aug 26ºC 12ºC 0ºC 49% 0% 0ml 16kmh
Sep 29ºC 15ºC 0ºC 49% 3% 4ml 15kmh
Oct 30ºC 17ºC 0ºC 49% 7% 11ml 15kmh
Nov 30ºC 17ºC 0ºC 49% 14% 24ml 14kmh
Dec 31ºC 18ºC 0ºC 49% 20% 39ml 13kmh
Jan 29ºC 18ºC 3ºC 45% 28% 58ml 13kmh
Feb 29ºC 18ºC 3ºC 45% 29% 61ml 12kmh
Mar 28ºC 16ºC 3ºC 45% 22% 45ml 11kmh
Apr 26ºC 13ºC 3ºC 45% 12% 23ml 12kmh
May 24ºC 9ºC 3ºC 45% 4% 7ml 13kmh
Jun 22ºC 8ºC 2ºC 45% 1% 1ml 15kmh
Jul 23ºC 8ºC 2ºC 45% 0% 1ml 15kmh
Aug 26ºC 11ºC 2ºC 45% 1% 1ml 15kmh
Sep 28ºC 14ºC 2ºC 45% 3% 6ml 15kmh
Oct 29ºC 16ºC 2ºC 45% 8% 16ml 15kmh
Nov 29ºC 17ºC 3ºC 45% 15% 29ml 14kmh
Dec 25ºC 14ºC 3ºC 33% 16% 30ml 11kmh
Jan 25ºC 15ºC 0ºC 38% 50% 97ml 11kmh
Feb 25ºC 15ºC 0ºC 38% 44% 84ml 11kmh
Mar 23ºC 12ºC 0ºC 38% 33% 61ml 10kmh
Apr 21ºC 8ºC 0ºC 38% 20% 34ml 11kmh
May 18ºC 4ºC 0ºC 38% 8% 14ml 12kmh
Jun 16ºC 2ºC 0ºC 38% 3% 5ml 12kmh
Jul 18ºC 3ºC 0ºC 38% 1% 3ml 13kmh
Aug 21ºC 7ºC 0ºC 38% 4% 7ml 14kmh
Sep 24ºC 10ºC 0ºC 38% 10% 22ml 15kmh
Oct 24ºC 12ºC 0ºC 38% 26% 53ml 15kmh
Nov 24ºC 13ºC 0ºC 38% 44% 82ml 14kmh
Dec 26ºC 15ºC 0ºC 38% 53% 94ml 12kmh

Especies - Estacionalidad

Especies JanJFebFMarMAprAMayMJunJJulJAugASepSOctONovNDecD
Fur seal
Especies JanJFebFMarMAprAMayMJunJJulJAugASepSOctONovNDecD
Black rhino
Especies JanJFebFMarMAprAMayMJunJJulJAugASepSOctONovNDecD

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