Mergui Archipelago - trip of in Myanmar

Sailing an unexplored paradise

The Mergui archipelago consists of 800 virgin islands. 800 unexplored islands that pour their exuberant tropical vegetation directly into the sea, white sand beaches and undisturbed reefs of exultant color. We sailed on a luxury sailboat for one of the last paradises, kept away from civilization until 1997, the year in which the entry of foreigners into the archipelago was authorized for the first time.


Day 1: Flight to Yangon
Overnight on board

Day 2: Yangon
Upon arrival at Yangon airport, meet and transfer to the hotel. Optional city tour.

Day 3: Yangon-Kawthaung
After breakfast, transfer to the airport to flight to Kawthaung. Upon arrival at Kawthaung airport, transfer to the port to embark to Barwell Island. we are stay at the beach and diiner at the beach.

Day 4: Lampi Island
After a refreshing bath first thing, we head for Island No. 115, inhabited by the Monken. In the afternoon we arrive at a group of small islands called Mid Group. If time permits, we visit the mangroves of the island called No. 88. After a bath in the afternoon, dinner is served

Day 5: Nyaung Wee Island-Great Swinton Island
Morning sailing towards Nyaung Wee to visit Monken village. After lunch we set sail for Great Swinton Island where we visited the monastery. Snorkel and then enjoy the sunset from the deck. At night we enjoy the bioluminescence show of the plankton

Day 6: Ohway Island-Jar Lann Kyun
Early on we set sail for Ohway, whose reef has perhaps the best soft and hard corals in the archipelago, as well as abundant and colorful tropical fish. After lunch we sail to Jar Lann Kyun, one of the most spectacular bays of the archipelago, whose mangrove is full of tropical birds. Dinner on board under a sky full of stars

Day 7: Za Det Nge Island
We sailed around Za Det Nge, after lunch on board, we disembarked at Kawthaung. Transfer to the airport to flight back.

Day 8: Arrival
Arrival at home


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Airport and transfer assistance.
Parck and monuments entrances.
Basic travel insurance.

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Tickets parks / monuments, payment in destination.
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Info - Paises

The former kingdom of Burma, has been one of the last countries is Southeast Asia to open its borders to foreigners. This fact meant that current Myanmar is still an unexploited jewel of pagodas and temples.

Clima - Estacionalidad

Jan 32ºC 22ºC 28ºC 93% 6% 11ml 6kmh
Feb 33ºC 24ºC 28ºC 93% 8% 20ml 6kmh
Mar 33ºC 25ºC 29ºC 93% 12% 31ml 6kmh
Apr 33ºC 26ºC 30ºC 93% 20% 54ml 6kmh
May 32ºC 26ºC 30ºC 93% 37% 100ml 7kmh
Jun 31ºC 26ºC 29ºC 93% 48% 128ml 10kmh
Jul 31ºC 25ºC 29ºC 93% 51% 131ml 10kmh
Aug 31ºC 25ºC 28ºC 93% 49% 124ml 10kmh
Sep 31ºC 25ºC 28ºC 93% 54% 167ml 8kmh
Oct 31ºC 24ºC 29ºC 93% 54% 198ml 7kmh
Nov 31ºC 23ºC 29ºC 93% 30% 116ml 7kmh
Dec 31ºC 21ºC 28ºC 93% 10% 28ml 7kmh
Jan 32ºC 19ºC 14ºC 91% 4% 7ml 8kmh
Feb 35ºC 22ºC 14ºC 91% 5% 11ml 8kmh
Mar 36ºC 25ºC 15ºC 91% 7% 17ml 8kmh
Apr 36ºC 27ºC 15ºC 91% 13% 31ml 9kmh
May 35ºC 27ºC 15ºC 91% 25% 58ml 10kmh
Jun 35ºC 27ºC 15ºC 91% 30% 72ml 14kmh
Jul 34ºC 26ºC 15ºC 91% 28% 70ml 14kmh
Aug 34ºC 26ºC 14ºC 91% 28% 68ml 13kmh
Sep 34ºC 26ºC 14ºC 91% 32% 90ml 10kmh
Oct 34ºC 24ºC 15ºC 91% 31% 105ml 8kmh
Nov 32ºC 22ºC 15ºC 91% 18% 61ml 8kmh
Dec 31ºC 19ºC 14ºC 91% 6% 16ml 8kmh
Jan 32ºC 16ºC 0ºC 89% 2% 2ml 9kmh
Feb 36ºC 19ºC 0ºC 89% 1% 1ml 9kmh
Mar 39ºC 24ºC 0ºC 89% 2% 2ml 10kmh
Apr 39ºC 28ºC 0ºC 89% 5% 7ml 11kmh
May 38ºC 28ºC 0ºC 89% 12% 16ml 13kmh
Jun 38ºC 28ºC 0ºC 89% 11% 16ml 17kmh
Jul 37ºC 27ºC 0ºC 89% 5% 8ml 18kmh
Aug 37ºC 27ºC 0ºC 89% 7% 11ml 15kmh
Sep 37ºC 27ºC 0ºC 89% 9% 13ml 11kmh
Oct 36ºC 24ºC 0ºC 89% 8% 11ml 8kmh
Nov 33ºC 20ºC 0ºC 89% 5% 6ml 8kmh
Dec 31ºC 16ºC 0ºC 89% 2% 4ml 8kmh

Especies - Estacionalidad

Especies JanJFebFMarMAprAMayMJunJJulJAugASepSOctONovNDecD
Manta Ray
Walhe Shark
Especies JanJFebFMarMAprAMayMJunJJulJAugASepSOctONovNDecD
Red panda

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