From Bogota to the Caribbean - trip of in Colombia

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Bogota offers us an extensive range of landscape variety where we will start the trip visiting the historic center of the city: the Candelaria, the Gold Museum, the Salt Cathedral. We will get lost by Mompox known for being the refuge of gold and silver that the Spaniards got out of his reign. We will also visit Cartagena where we will walk through its streets that keep romanticism and we will lose ourselves in the Paramo de Oceta natural refuge formed by a set of rock formations known as the city of stone since the detachments of some rocks have created alleys that can come to simulate a city that is reached with a walk of 3 to 6 hours from Mongui. Without leaving Barichara, its streets, houses, temples and especially the cemetery are built with its outstanding yellow stone. Optionally we can extend the stay by visiting the "La Ciudad Perdida"


Day 1: Flight to Bogota
Upon arrival, assistance at the airport and transfer to the hotel in the Candelaria (historical center of Bogotá). Hotel options: Abadia Colonial or the Opera Hotel.

Day 2: Bogotá
Guided tour of the main points of interest in the city: Candelaria, Gold Museum, Botero Museum, Cerro Monserrate, Chorro de Quevedo, etc. Overnight in Bogotá. Optional bicycle tour. Hotel options: Abadia Colonial or La Opera hotel.

Day 3: Bogotá - Salt Cathedral - Mongui
On the way there is a stop in Zipaquira to visit the Salt cathedral. (Optional salt mine of Nemocon instead of Zipaquira). In the afternoon time to visit the colonial center of Mongui. Night in the Porton de Oceta hotel. Optional change Mongui for Leyva villa.

Day 4: Mongui
Guided tour to the Paramo de Oceta for a trekking from 3 to 6 hours in the morning. Optional tour at the Laguna de Tota. Overnight in Porton de Oceta hotel.

Day 5: Mongui - Barichara
Private transfer to Barichara (5 hours) and in the afternoon tour arround the colonial center with a local guide, knowing the most beautiful monuments. Hotel options: Hotel Achoitte or Alto del Viento.

Day 6: Barichara - Guane
Guided walk along the Camino Real to Guane. Visit the archaeological museum and return to Barichara. In the afternoon there are optional activities in Barichara and San Gil (paragliding, rafting, bicycles, waterfalls, caves, etc.). Opciones hotel: Hotel Achoitte or Alto del Viento.

Day 7: Mesa de los Santos
Tour to the hacienda El Roble, where we will visit the coffee plantations. Then, we continue in private transfer to Giron passing through the Chicamocha Canyon. Hoteles??

Day 8: Giron
Private transfer from Giron to the beach (6h). In the afternoon time to tour the village and the surroundings. Optional to finish the tour by transport on the beach, and travel by plane to the Caribbean Coast. Overnight in???

Day 9: Giron
Guided tour for the Estoraques park for observation of formations in stone and sand. Then, we continue in private transfer from the beach to Mompox (6 hours). Overnight in Mompox. Hotel options: Casa Amarilla or Bioma.

Day 10: Mompox
In the morning a guided tour through the colonial center of Mompox, and observation of work in gold. In the afternoon a boat tour over the Magdalena River and bird watching in one of the marshes. Hotel options: Casa Amarilla or Bioma.

Day 11: Mompox - Cartagena
Private transfer. Depending on the route (by bridge or by ferry) there are 5 or 6 hours of travel. Overnight at the old town of Cartagena. Hotel options: Casa India Catalina / superior o Hotel Ananda / luxury.

Day 12: Cartagena
Guided city tour. In the morning through the neighborhoods of Getsemani, San Diego and Calamari. In the afternoon visit to the Castillo Felipe de Barajas (includes transfer). Hotel options: Casa India Catalina / superior o Hotel Ananda / luxury.

Day 13: Cartagena
Transfer to the Cartagena airport to take the international flight back. Optional continue journey along the Caribbean coast (Tayrona, Guajira, Morisquillo, Providencia).

Day 14: Arrival
Arrival at you home city.


Airport and transfer assistance.
24 hours assistance.
Parck and monuments entrances.
Guías especializados durante la ruta Specialized guides along the road.
Basic travel insurance.

No Incluye

Optional activities not specified
Meals not specified
International flights

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Colombia is the only South American country with access to the Pacific Ocean and also to the Caribbean. It shares the Amazon rainforest with its neighbors Ecuador, Peru, Brazil and Venezuela, whales cross its coasts, coffe plantations mature on its peaks, the Andes mountains and its tropical forest landscapes makes this country unique.

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Aug 24ºC 18ºC 0ºC 94% 58% 116ml 0kmh
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May 22ºC 17ºC 4ºC 80% 47% 107ml 5kmh
Jun 22ºC 17ºC 4ºC 80% 43% 91ml 3kmh
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Aug 22ºC 16ºC 4ºC 80% 43% 86ml 3kmh
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Dec 19ºC 7ºC 0ºC 90% 44% 89ml 5kmh

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