Amazon jungle - trip of in Peru

One of the seven natural wonders

The most extensive tropical forest in the world, distributed among nine countries of which Brazil and Peru have the largest surface area. Given its vast extension and the fragility of its rich ecosystem, we propose to know this natural jewel from the respect for the environment housed near the Pacaya-Samiria Nature Reserve, where we navigate unexplored areas of primary forest with abundant native fauna; lazy, reptiles, pumas, monkeys ... and especially, the endemic pink dolphin of the Amazon River, sadly in danger of extinction.


Day 1: Lima / Iquitos
Morning, transfer to airport to flight to Iquitos. Upon arrival Iquitos airport, transfer to the hotel. Rest of the day free to visit Iquitos city. The capital of the Peruvian Amazon.

Day 2: Iquitos - Amazon Rainforest
Early on we embarked to navigate the Amazon River by speedboat, approximately 3h to travel the 140km that separate us from the lodge. Arrival at the lodge, briefing of the activities to be carried out and lunch. In the afternoon we embark again towards Lake Sapote. At sunset, we return for dinner and in the evening we go out again to watch nocturnal animals

Day 3: Amazon jungle
Today we introduce ourselves on foot to appreciate the biodiversity of the jungle from its interior, where we can spot among others the smallest primate in the world; The pygmy marmoset, squirrel monkeys ... Return to the lodge for lunch. In the afternoon we go out by boat to watch birds and fish, like the famous piranhas. Dinner at the lodge. At night we went in search of the giant frogs, favorite food of the anacondas

Day 4: Amazon Rainforest - Iquitos - Lima
On board small boats, we live the most magical moment in our stay in the Amazon; Swim in the same river with pink dolphins. We will also have the opportunity to admire the largest aquatic plant in the world; the famous Victoria Regia. Lunch at the lodge and start of the descent of the river to Iquitos. Upon arrival, transfer to the airport to fly back to Lima


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Five thousand years of hidden history in Peru that even today remains largely an enigma. The Inca civilitzation marked the culmination of a millennial cultural process that was expanded by a large population.

Clima - Estacionalidad

Jan 31ºC 23ºC 0ºC 84% 55% 237ml 0kmh
Feb 31ºC 23ºC 0ºC 84% 57% 237ml 0kmh
Mar 31ºC 23ºC 0ºC 84% 58% 253ml 0kmh
Apr 31ºC 23ºC 0ºC 84% 58% 252ml 0kmh
May 30ºC 23ºC 0ºC 84% 52% 210ml 0kmh
Jun 30ºC 22ºC 0ºC 84% 46% 156ml 3kmh
Jul 30ºC 22ºC 0ºC 84% 39% 126ml 0kmh
Aug 31ºC 22ºC 0ºC 84% 38% 127ml 0kmh
Sep 32ºC 22ºC 0ºC 84% 43% 154ml 0kmh
Oct 32ºC 23ºC 0ºC 84% 48% 189ml 0kmh
Nov 31ºC 23ºC 0ºC 84% 52% 207ml 0kmh
Dec 31ºC 23ºC 0ºC 84% 54% 223ml 0kmh
Jan 29ºC 22ºC 11ºC 82% 28% 119ml 7kmh
Feb 29ºC 22ºC 11ºC 82% 29% 119ml 6kmh
Mar 29ºC 22ºC 11ºC 82% 30% 127ml 6kmh
Apr 27ºC 21ºC 10ºC 82% 29% 126ml 7kmh
May 26ºC 20ºC 10ºC 82% 26% 105ml 7kmh
Jun 15ºC 11ºC 0ºC 42% 23% 78ml 2kmh
Jul 15ºC 11ºC 0ºC 42% 20% 63ml 0kmh
Aug 16ºC 11ºC 0ºC 42% 19% 64ml 0kmh
Sep 16ºC 11ºC 0ºC 42% 22% 77ml 0kmh
Oct 16ºC 12ºC 0ºC 42% 24% 95ml 0kmh
Nov 16ºC 12ºC 0ºC 42% 26% 104ml 0kmh
Dec 16ºC 12ºC 0ºC 42% 27% 112ml 0kmh
Jan 27ºC 20ºC 21ºC 80% 1% 0ml 13kmh
Feb 27ºC 20ºC 22ºC 80% 1% 0ml 12kmh
Mar 26ºC 20ºC 21ºC 80% 1% 0ml 12kmh
Apr 23ºC 18ºC 19ºC 80% 0% 0ml 13kmh
May 21ºC 17ºC 19ºC 80% 0% 0ml 14kmh
Jun 0ºC 0ºC 0ºC 0% 0% 0ml 0kmh
Jul 0ºC 0ºC 0ºC 0% 0% 0ml 0kmh
Aug 0ºC 0ºC 0ºC 0% 0% 0ml 0kmh
Sep 0ºC 0ºC 0ºC 0% 0% 0ml 0kmh
Oct 0ºC 0ºC 0ºC 0% 0% 0ml 0kmh
Nov 0ºC 0ºC 0ºC 0% 0% 0ml 0kmh
Dec 0ºC 0ºC 0ºC 0% 0% 0ml 0kmh

Especies - Estacionalidad

Especies JanJFebFMarMAprAMayMJunJJulJAugASepSOctONovNDecD
Pink dolphin
Squirrel monkey
Pygmy marmoset

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