Cocos live on board - trip of in Costa Rica

The paradise of hammerhead sharks

Escape to Cocos Island on a liveaboard scuba diving trip in Costa Rica! Cocos is a lush, green uninhabited island resting 342 miles off Costa Rica's Pacific coast. Rocky pinnacles surrounding Cocos are beacons for big animals and big action. Schooling hammerheads, countless white-tip sharks, mantas, tuna and even whale sharks call Cocos home.


Day 1: Flight to Costa Rica
Flight to San Jose, assistance at the airport and transfer to the hotel

Day 2: Boarding
Breakfast and transfer to Punta Arenas to embark and start the Cocos Island crossing

Day 3: Cocos
Life on board, 3-4 dives

Day 4: Cocos
Life on board, 3-4 dives

Day 5: Cocos
Life on board, 3-4 dives

Day 6: Cocos
Life on board, 3-4 dives

Day 7: Cocos
Life on board, 3-4 dives

Day 8: Cocos
Life on board, 3-4 dives

Day 9: Cocos
Life on board, 3-4 dives

Day 10: Cocos
Life on board, 3-4 dives

Day 11: Return
Last dives and return to the pier of Punta Arenas

Day 12: Flight back
Disembark at Punta Arenas at 7h and transfer to the airport to take the international flight back.

Day 13: Arrive
End of services


Extra night of hotel if necessary for air connection.
3 - 4 daily dives.
Airport and transfer assistance.
Basic travel insurance.

No Incluye

Tickets parks / monuments, payment in destination.
Diving equipment
International flights

Info - Paises

Few countries contain as much natural beauty as little Costa Rica. Nestled between the Caribbean and the Pacific, it offers us a large number of natural parks with a high biodiversity and coasts frequented by turtles. 

Clima - Estacionalidad

Jan 32ºC 23ºC 29ºC 95% 11% 32ml 8kmh
Feb 32ºC 24ºC 29ºC 95% 8% 17ml 8kmh
Mar 32ºC 25ºC 29ºC 95% 11% 28ml 8kmh
Apr 31ºC 25ºC 29ºC 95% 25% 89ml 8kmh
May 30ºC 24ºC 29ºC 95% 43% 179ml 9kmh
Jun 30ºC 24ºC 29ºC 95% 53% 223ml 10kmh
Jul 30ºC 24ºC 29ºC 95% 55% 227ml 9kmh
Aug 29ºC 24ºC 28ºC 95% 55% 235ml 10kmh
Sep 29ºC 24ºC 28ºC 95% 58% 241ml 12kmh
Oct 29ºC 24ºC 28ºC 95% 56% 238ml 14kmh
Nov 29ºC 23ºC 28ºC 95% 46% 189ml 11kmh
Dec 31ºC 23ºC 28ºC 95% 26% 93ml 8kmh
Jan 29ºC 21ºC 29ºC 96% 11% 31ml 7kmh
Feb 29ºC 21ºC 29ºC 96% 9% 19ml 7kmh
Mar 30ºC 22ºC 29ºC 96% 11% 25ml 7kmh
Apr 29ºC 22ºC 29ºC 96% 22% 72ml 6kmh
May 28ºC 21ºC 29ºC 96% 40% 147ml 6kmh
Jun 28ºC 21ºC 29ºC 96% 49% 181ml 7kmh
Jul 28ºC 21ºC 29ºC 96% 48% 176ml 6kmh
Aug 27ºC 21ºC 29ºC 96% 49% 185ml 7kmh
Sep 27ºC 21ºC 28ºC 96% 54% 199ml 8kmh
Oct 27ºC 21ºC 28ºC 96% 52% 196ml 9kmh
Nov 27ºC 21ºC 28ºC 96% 42% 151ml 8kmh
Dec 28ºC 21ºC 28ºC 96% 24% 77ml 6kmh
Jan 26ºC 18ºC 28ºC 96% 11% 30ml 5kmh
Feb 26ºC 18ºC 28ºC 96% 9% 21ml 6kmh
Mar 27ºC 18ºC 28ºC 96% 10% 21ml 5kmh
Apr 27ºC 18ºC 29ºC 96% 19% 55ml 4kmh
May 26ºC 18ºC 29ºC 96% 36% 115ml 3kmh
Jun 25ºC 18ºC 29ºC 96% 45% 138ml 3kmh
Jul 25ºC 18ºC 29ºC 96% 41% 125ml 3kmh
Aug 25ºC 18ºC 29ºC 96% 43% 134ml 3kmh
Sep 25ºC 17ºC 28ºC 96% 49% 156ml 3kmh
Oct 25ºC 17ºC 28ºC 96% 48% 154ml 3kmh
Nov 25ºC 18ºC 28ºC 96% 37% 113ml 4kmh
Dec 25ºC 18ºC 28ºC 96% 21% 61ml 4kmh

Especies - Estacionalidad

Especies JanJFebFMarMAprAMayMJunJJulJAugASepSOctONovNDecD
Silky shark
Walhe Shark
Hammerhead Shark

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