Diving in Iceland and Greenland - trip of in Iceland, Greenland

Games of light and color under the iceberg

Combined diving in Iceland and Greenland. We have selected the main and most representative dive sites in Iceland; from the Silfra fault, the submarine geothermal chimneys and the Eyjafjordur archipelago to then fly to the remote Greenland. Dive in an iceberg well deserves a trip to the largest island in the world. It is memorable and different to everything experienced under the sea, the sensation of discovering under the water the games of light and color that were simply glimpsed on the surface. One of the few destinations in the world where you can swim with humpback whales as well as possible encounters with seals and walruses and sightings of orcas, dolphins and even the powerful blue whale.


Day 1: Flight to Reikjavik
Upon arrival at the Reikjavik aiport, transfer to the hotel.

Day 2: Reikjavik - Silfra - Akureyri
The fault of Silfra has a special geological relevance because it is the only place where it is possible to dive in the waters of two different parts of the planet; literally between Eurasia and America.

Day 3: Strytan: underwater hydrothermal chimneys and sea lions
In the heart of the Eyjafjordur fjord, we find one of the most interesting diving spots

Day 4: Nesgjá, Litlaà, Godafoss and Myvatn
Today an exciting day of diving, snorkeling and land tourism awaits us. Like Silfra, Nesgjà is the result of the tectonic movement of the continental plates of Eurasia and America.

Day 5: Reykjavik Located in the Breidafjordur fjord, the archipelago consists of some 200 islands and islets
We dive on the island of Birgisklettur, where we find an amazing variety of marine life and underwater scenery

Day 6: Golden Circle: Thingvellir National Park, geysers, Gullfoss
We dedicate the last day in Iceland to visit the famous Golden Circle; geysers, cataracts and one last dive in Silfra.

Day 7: Reykjavik- Tassilaq (Greenland)
Early in the morning we moved to the airport to fly to Kulusuk, then, by helicopter, we headed to Tasiilaq, the capital of East Greenland: 2000 inhabitants and a hundred sled dogs.

Day 8: Navigation and diving among icebergs
On board Vikness 770, specially designed for navigation in the area and after the relevant briefing to dive in these conditions, we dive to explore the ice sculptures.

Day 9: Diving among icebergs
Today we dive in the Sermilik fjord, responsible for 10% of the Greenland icebergs. We made two dives in the area, waiting again for the encounter with humpback whales and also sea lions.

Day 10: Glacier Knud Rasmussen
Sailing day on the beautiful Knud Rasmussen glacier, in the North. Our captain will guide us near the ice wall, being able to descend and walk the last section

Day 11: Tassilaq-Reykjavic
We fly by helicopter to Kulusuk airport to fly to Reykjavik. Upon arrival, transfer to the hotel and rest of free afternoon ..

Day 12: Departure date
After breakfast, transfer back to Reykjavic airport to flight back.


Domestic flights
Airport and transfer assistance.
Dive master guide.
Guías especializados durante la ruta Specialized guides along the road.
Pack 10 dives.
Basic travel insurance.

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Meals not specified
Diving equipment
Extra night of hotel if necessary for air connection.
International flights

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Land of elves and fairies, Iceland surprise us with memorable landscapes of lava fields, volcanoes, waterfalls and cliffs.

The largest island in the world, 85% of its territory covered by ice. It is not surprising that it is known as the island of the blue sky; the reflection of the icebergs of light predominates everywhere.

Clima - Estacionalidad

Jan -4ºC -9ºC 1ºC 81% 45% 67ml 26kmh
Feb -4ºC -9ºC 0ºC 81% 46% 51ml 26kmh
Mar -2ºC -8ºC 0ºC 81% 39% 44ml 22kmh
Apr 2ºC -3ºC -1ºC 81% 34% 60ml 18kmh
May 5ºC 1ºC -1ºC 81% 30% 78ml 14kmh
Jun 9ºC 3ºC 2ºC 81% 24% 71ml 10kmh
Jul 10ºC 5ºC 4ºC 81% 23% 70ml 9kmh
Aug 8ºC 4ºC 4ºC 81% 29% 98ml 11kmh
Sep 4ºC 0ºC 2ºC 81% 34% 121ml 15kmh
Oct 0ºC -3ºC 2ºC 81% 35% 100ml 20kmh
Nov -2ºC -6ºC 2ºC 81% 39% 83ml 23kmh
Dec -4ºC -8ºC 1ºC 81% 41% 78ml 26kmh
Jan -1ºC -6ºC 3ºC 80% 49% 86ml 26kmh
Feb -1ºC -6ºC 3ºC 80% 51% 79ml 26kmh
Mar 1ºC -5ºC 3ºC 80% 45% 69ml 23kmh
Apr 5ºC -1ºC 2ºC 80% 38% 68ml 19kmh
May 8ºC 4ºC 4ºC 80% 32% 70ml 15kmh
Jun 11ºC 6ºC 6ºC 80% 27% 64ml 12kmh
Jul 12ºC 7ºC 8ºC 80% 28% 69ml 11kmh
Aug 10ºC 6ºC 8ºC 80% 34% 93ml 13kmh
Sep 7ºC 2ºC 6ºC 80% 40% 116ml 16kmh
Oct 3ºC -1ºC 5ºC 80% 40% 107ml 20kmh
Nov 1ºC -4ºC 4ºC 80% 43% 95ml 22kmh
Dec -1ºC -5ºC 4ºC 80% 46% 92ml 25kmh
Jan 2ºC -2ºC 5ºC 78% 52% 105ml 26kmh
Feb 3ºC -2ºC 5ºC 78% 55% 107ml 25kmh
Mar 4ºC -1ºC 5ºC 78% 50% 94ml 23kmh
Apr 7ºC 2ºC 5ºC 78% 41% 76ml 20kmh
May 11ºC 6ºC 8ºC 78% 33% 62ml 16kmh
Jun 13ºC 8ºC 10ºC 78% 30% 56ml 14kmh
Jul 13ºC 9ºC 11ºC 78% 33% 67ml 13kmh
Aug 12ºC 7ºC 11ºC 78% 39% 88ml 14kmh
Sep 9ºC 4ºC 9ºC 78% 45% 111ml 17kmh
Oct 5ºC 1ºC 7ºC 78% 45% 113ml 19kmh
Nov 3ºC -1ºC 6ºC 78% 47% 107ml 21kmh
Dec 2ºC -2ºC 6ºC 78% 50% 105ml 24kmh

Especies - Estacionalidad

Especies JanJFebFMarMAprAMayMJunJJulJAugASepSOctONovNDecD
Common Dolphin
Fin whale
Killer whale
Atlantic puffin
Arctic fox
Minke whale

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