Diving in Galápagos - trip of in Ecuador

The marine sanctuary of Equador

In the most comfortable sailboat with a patent to sail in the Galapagos, we will access daily the different islands and marine sanctuaries of the archipelago; Gordon Rocks, Seymour North, Mosquera, Daphne, Santa Fe, North and South Plazas, Beagle, Guy Fawkes, Bainbridge, Punta Carrion, Nameless, Cousins, Bartholomew, Floreana.This program is designed for those who, beyond the marine wealth of Galapagos, want to also enjoy its terrestrial potential by combining diving with excursions to the different islands.


Day 1: Flight to Guayaquil
Upon arrival at the Guayaquil airport, meet and transfer to the hotel. Overnight at Guayaquil.

Day 2: Guayaquil- Baltra
After breakfast, transfer to the airport for your flight to Baltra, Galapagos. Upon arrival at the Baltra airport, transfer to the hotel. Accommodation in Santa Cruz.

Day 3: Galapagos
After berakfast, depart for the jetty to embark on the sailboat for the first day of navigation. This day we go to Seymour Canal and Mosquera Sur or Gordon Rocks. 2 dives. Lunch on board and back to Santa Cruz. Itineray subject to change to accommodate weather conditions.

Day 4: Galapagos
Sail to Daphne Menor and in the Northeast Seymour. 2 dives. Lunch on board and back to Santa Cruz.

Day 5: Galapagos
Sail to South of Mosquera. 2 dives. Lunch on board and back to Santa Cruz.

Day 6: Galapagos
Sail to Rocas Gordon or Cousins and Bartolomé. 2 dives. Lunch on board and back to Santa Cruz.

Day 7: Galapagos
Sail to Daphne Menor- Mosquera Norte. 2 dives.Lunch on board and back to Santa Cruz

Day 8: Glapagos
Free day.

Day 9: Baltra - Guayaquil
After breakfast, transfer back to Guayaquil airport to international flight.

Day 10: Arrival
Arrival to your home city.


Diving equipment
Airport and transfer assistance.
Dive master guide.
Basic travel insurance.

No Incluye

Tickets parks / monuments, payment in destination.
Personal expenses
Other aspects not mentioned in the section include.
Multiasistance insurance and cancellation, optional.
International flights

Info - Paises

Country of great natural wealth. This small South American giant offers us from the Amazon jungle to the Andes, the Pacific coast crossed by cetaceans and of course, the natural labboratory of Darwin, the Galapagos islands. 

Clima - Estacionalidad

Jan 27ºC 25ºC 25ºC 50% 11% 26ml 14kmh
Feb 28ºC 25ºC 26ºC 50% 20% 45ml 11kmh
Mar 28ºC 26ºC 26ºC 50% 21% 47ml 10kmh
Apr 28ºC 25ºC 25ºC 50% 15% 37ml 12kmh
May 26ºC 24ºC 24ºC 50% 8% 22ml 15kmh
Jun 25ºC 23ºC 23ºC 50% 4% 10ml 17kmh
Jul 24ºC 22ºC 22ºC 50% 3% 5ml 18kmh
Aug 24ºC 21ºC 21ºC 50% 1% 2ml 18kmh
Sep 23ºC 21ºC 21ºC 50% 1% 0ml 18kmh
Oct 24ºC 21ºC 22ºC 50% 1% 1ml 18kmh
Nov 24ºC 22ºC 22ºC 50% 3% 4ml 17kmh
Dec 26ºC 23ºC 23ºC 50% 5% 11ml 16kmh
Jan 30ºC 24ºC 26ºC 84% 28% 108ml 12kmh
Feb 30ºC 24ºC 26ºC 84% 32% 180ml 11kmh
Mar 31ºC 24ºC 26ºC 84% 25% 172ml 10kmh
Apr 31ºC 24ºC 26ºC 84% 15% 111ml 10kmh
May 30ºC 23ºC 25ºC 84% 5% 49ml 11kmh
Jun 29ºC 22ºC 23ºC 84% 3% 18ml 12kmh
Jul 28ºC 21ºC 23ºC 84% 1% 8ml 14kmh
Aug 29ºC 21ºC 22ºC 84% 1% 3ml 14kmh
Sep 29ºC 21ºC 22ºC 84% 2% 2ml 15kmh
Oct 29ºC 21ºC 23ºC 84% 3% 5ml 15kmh
Nov 30ºC 22ºC 23ºC 84% 3% 14ml 15kmh
Dec 30ºC 23ºC 25ºC 84% 12% 37ml 14kmh
Jan 28ºC 25ºC 25ºC 62% 17% 55ml 13kmh
Feb 28ºC 25ºC 26ºC 62% 24% 93ml 11kmh
Mar 29ºC 25ºC 26ºC 62% 23% 91ml 10kmh
Apr 29ºC 25ºC 25ºC 62% 15% 64ml 11kmh
May 27ºC 24ºC 24ºC 62% 7% 33ml 14kmh
Jun 26ºC 23ºC 23ºC 62% 4% 14ml 15kmh
Jul 25ºC 22ºC 23ºC 62% 2% 7ml 17kmh
Aug 25ºC 21ºC 22ºC 62% 1% 2ml 17kmh
Sep 25ºC 21ºC 22ºC 62% 1% 1ml 17kmh
Oct 25ºC 21ºC 22ºC 62% 2% 3ml 17kmh
Nov 26ºC 22ºC 23ºC 62% 3% 8ml 17kmh
Dec 27ºC 23ºC 24ºC 62% 8% 21ml 15kmh
Jan 26ºC 25ºC 25ºC 51% 12% 32ml 14kmh
Feb 27ºC 25ºC 27ºC 51% 21% 53ml 11kmh
Mar 27ºC 26ºC 27ºC 51% 22% 55ml 11kmh
Apr 27ºC 25ºC 25ºC 51% 15% 44ml 12kmh
May 25ºC 24ºC 24ºC 51% 8% 27ml 15kmh
Jun 24ºC 23ºC 24ºC 51% 4% 13ml 17kmh
Jul 24ºC 22ºC 23ºC 51% 3% 7ml 18kmh
Aug 23ºC 21ºC 22ºC 51% 1% 2ml 19kmh
Sep 23ºC 21ºC 22ºC 51% 1% 0ml 19kmh
Oct 23ºC 21ºC 22ºC 51% 1% 2ml 19kmh
Nov 24ºC 22ºC 23ºC 51% 3% 6ml 18kmh
Dec 25ºC 23ºC 24ºC 51% 6% 14ml 16kmh

Especies - Estacionalidad

Especies JanJFebFMarMAprAMayMJunJJulJAugASepSOctONovNDecD
Walhe Shark
Green Turtle
Olive turtle
Hawksbill turtle
Leatherback turtle
Bottlenose dolphin
Common Dolphin
Tiger shark
Blacktip shark
Hammerhead Shark
White tip shark
Manta Ray
Ribbontail rays
Devil Ray
Eagle Ray
Sea wolf and the hair seal
South american fur seal
Galapagos shark
Ocean sunfish
Silky shark
Killer whale

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