Zanzibar & Selous - trip of in Tanzania

Zanzibar Diving & Selous Safari

This trip combines the national parks of Southern Tanzania with diving stay on the island of Zanzibar. The Selous National Park, together with Ruaha, form the largest national parks in all of Africa; away from the tourist routes of the North, they are characterized by being much more virgin and by the large concentrations of wild animals. For its part, Zanzibar, facing the Tanzanian coast of the Indian Ocean, evokes a dream world; an island of the end of the world, lost in our memories and in the stories of Sinbad el Marino. A perfumed island; the island of the species. A mixture of African exuberance and oriental indolence. Captivated by its endless white beaches, famous for its seabed and waved by the exotic Swahili speaking of its inhabitants.


Day 1: Flight to Zanzibar
Overnight on board.

Day 2: Zanzibar
Upon arrival at the Zanzibar airport, meet and transfer to the North of the island, Nungwi, famous for having the best beaches and also the best diving areas on the island.Accommodation at lodge

Day 3: Nungwi
2 dives Included Mnemba Atoll

Day 4: Nungwi
2 dives

Day 5: Nungwi
2 dives

Day 6: Nungwi
2 dives

Day 7: Nungwi
2 dives

Day 8: Nungwi
Free day to visit the island: Stone Town, the capital declared a World Heritage Site, the ruins of the palaces of the ancient sultans.

Day 9: Nungwi- Selous National Park
Flight to Dar Es Salaam and transfer to Selouse National Park. Accommodation at lodge. Full board.

Day 10: Selous National Park
Full day safari at Selous National Park

Day 11: Selous National Park
Full day safari at Selous National Park

Day 12: Selous- Dar Es Salaam
Transfer to Dar Es Salam airport to take the international flight back

Day 13:
default text


Airport and transfer assistance.
Parck and monuments entrances.
Pack 10 dives.
Basic travel insurance.

No Incluye

Personal expenses
Visa, border taxes
International flights

Info - Paises

Serengeti and Ngorongo are unmissable for lovers of African safaris. As are the park in the South, much less touristy. And of course, the Indian island: Mafia and Zanzibar. 

Clima - Estacionalidad

Jan 31ºC 25ºC 28ºC 76% 32% 65ml 18kmh
Feb 32ºC 25ºC 29ºC 76% 31% 67ml 16kmh
Mar 31ºC 25ºC 29ºC 76% 48% 113ml 14kmh
Apr 30ºC 24ºC 29ºC 76% 58% 153ml 16kmh
May 30ºC 22ºC 28ºC 76% 38% 102ml 19kmh
Jun 29ºC 20ºC 26ºC 76% 13% 31ml 21kmh
Jul 29ºC 20ºC 26ºC 76% 4% 11ml 22kmh
Aug 29ºC 20ºC 25ºC 76% 5% 7ml 21kmh
Sep 29ºC 20ºC 26ºC 76% 7% 11ml 20kmh
Oct 30ºC 22ºC 27ºC 76% 16% 34ml 18kmh
Nov 31ºC 24ºC 28ºC 76% 35% 67ml 15kmh
Dec 31ºC 25ºC 28ºC 76% 41% 80ml 16kmh
Jan 33ºC 24ºC 0ºC 83% 52% 100ml 5kmh
Feb 33ºC 24ºC 0ºC 83% 60% 156ml 5kmh
Mar 31ºC 24ºC 0ºC 83% 66% 181ml 5kmh
Apr 31ºC 23ºC 0ºC 83% 53% 151ml 5kmh
May 30ºC 21ºC 0ºC 83% 21% 58ml 6kmh
Jun 30ºC 21ºC 0ºC 83% 6% 14ml 6kmh
Jul 31ºC 21ºC 0ºC 83% 2% 4ml 7kmh
Aug 32ºC 21ºC 0ºC 83% 2% 2ml 8kmh
Sep 34ºC 22ºC 0ºC 83% 2% 4ml 9kmh
Oct 34ºC 24ºC 0ºC 83% 9% 19ml 9kmh
Nov 34ºC 24ºC 0ºC 83% 27% 62ml 8kmh
Dec 33ºC 24ºC 0ºC 83% 49% 125ml 6kmh
Jan 32ºC 25ºC 19ºC 77% 35% 69ml 14kmh
Feb 32ºC 25ºC 19ºC 77% 37% 88ml 13kmh
Mar 31ºC 25ºC 19ºC 77% 51% 128ml 11kmh
Apr 30ºC 24ºC 19ºC 77% 56% 153ml 13kmh
May 30ºC 23ºC 19ºC 77% 34% 94ml 16kmh
Jun 29ºC 22ºC 17ºC 77% 12% 29ml 17kmh
Jul 29ºC 21ºC 17ºC 77% 4% 9ml 18kmh
Aug 30ºC 21ºC 17ºC 77% 4% 6ml 17kmh
Sep 31ºC 21ºC 17ºC 77% 5% 9ml 16kmh
Oct 31ºC 23ºC 18ºC 77% 14% 28ml 15kmh
Nov 32ºC 24ºC 19ºC 77% 30% 61ml 13kmh
Dec 31ºC 25ºC 19ºC 77% 40% 87ml 13kmh
Jan 31ºC 25ºC 28ºC 73% 21% 41ml 20kmh
Feb 31ºC 25ºC 28ºC 73% 20% 40ml 18kmh
Mar 31ºC 25ºC 29ºC 73% 39% 89ml 15kmh
Apr 29ºC 25ºC 29ºC 73% 56% 155ml 17kmh
May 29ºC 25ºC 28ºC 73% 42% 122ml 22kmh
Jun 28ºC 24ºC 26ºC 73% 16% 41ml 25kmh
Jul 28ºC 23ºC 26ºC 73% 6% 13ml 24kmh
Aug 28ºC 22ºC 25ºC 73% 6% 8ml 22kmh
Sep 29ºC 22ºC 26ºC 73% 7% 12ml 20kmh
Oct 29ºC 23ºC 27ºC 73% 16% 32ml 18kmh
Nov 30ºC 24ºC 28ºC 73% 29% 55ml 16kmh
Dec 30ºC 25ºC 28ºC 73% 30% 56ml 17kmh

Especies - Estacionalidad

Especies JanJFebFMarMAprAMayMJunJJulJAugASepSOctONovNDecD
White tip shark
Common Dolphin
Hawksbill turtle
Bottlenose dolphin
Green Turtle
Walhe Shark
Guitar Shark
Ribbontail rays
Eagle Ray
Especies JanJFebFMarMAprAMayMJunJJulJAugASepSOctONovNDecD

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