Diving in the Arctic - trip of in Iceland

Seals, sea lions, whales and a sunken tanker

Dive where nobody has ever done before. To that end we have designed a circular itinerary through one of the countries with the greatest variety of landscapes, both above and below the water. We submerged in the famous Silfra fault, the fissure between America and Eurasia, the archipelago of Breidafjordur with its disturbing macro life, the underwater geothermal chimneys of Strytan and the oil tanker sunk during the 2nd World War. A diving in the Arctic sharing space with seals, sea lions and forced whale sightings ..


Day 1: Flight to Reikjavik
Upon arrival at the airport, transfer to the hotel

Day 2: Reikjavic – Silfra – Snefellsnes – Stykkisholmur
The fault of Silfra has a special geological relevance because it is the only place where it is possible to dive in the waters of two different parts of the planet; literally between Eurasia and America,

Day 3: Breidafjordur Archipelago– Skaga
Located in the Breidafjordur fjord, the archipelago consists of some 200 islands and islets. We dive on the island of Birgisklettur, where we find an amazing variety of marine life and underwater scenery.

Day 4: Drangey, the cliff of the birds
Today we share marine space diving with the birds that inhabit the cliffs of Drangey. Hundreds of thousands of puffins and guillemots live in the area and dive into the waters of Skagafjordur Bay.

Day 5: Strytan: submarine hydrothermal vents and sea lions
In the middle of the fjord of Eyjafjordur, we find one of the most interesting diving spots; Underwater hydrothermal vents

Day 6: Eyjafjordur fiord: underwater gardens and whales
Both the French Gardens and La Pared, amazing geological structures, are characterized by the abundance of marine life, as well as the colorful display of anemones and purple and pink tones.

Day 7: Nesgjá and Litlaà
Like Silfra, Nesgjà is the result of the tectonic movement of the continental plates of Eurasia and America.

Day 8: Myvatn: volcano, lava constructions and geysers
Today we dedicate the day to land visits, especially the area of ​​Myvatn, the main area of ​​volcanic activity and of great scenic interest. We overnight in the picturesque town of Seydisfj

Day 9: Diving in wreck: El Grillo
2 dives in the ship El Grillo, British tanker sunk during World War II. In the afternoon we can visit Seydisfjordur, typical fishing village or Skalanes area.

Day 10: South Coast
The landscape of Iceland's southern coast is characterized by an impressive and rugged landscape of mountains, strange volcanic formations, cliffs and countless waterfalls, as well as being able to admire The largest glacier in Europe, thenVatnajokull.

Day 11: Golden Circle
Today we close our circular trip to Iceland visiting the imposing waterfall of Gullfoss, the active geyser of Strokkur and submerging for the last time in the clearest waters of the world, Silfra. Transfer to the hotel in Reikjavik.

Day 12: Reikjavik-Airport
After breakfast, transfer to airport to flight back.


Airport and transfer assistance.
Dive master guide.
Guías especializados durante la ruta Specialized guides along the road.
Basic travel insurance.
Pack 12 dives.

No Incluye

Meals not specified
Diving equipment
Extra night of hotel if necessary for air connection.
International flights

Info - Paises

Land of elves and fairies, Iceland surprise us with memorable landscapes of lava fields, volcanoes, waterfalls and cliffs.

Clima - Estacionalidad

Jan 1ºC -5ºC 3ºC 83% 39% 27ml 22kmh
Feb 1ºC -4ºC 2ºC 83% 36% 22ml 22kmh
Mar 2ºC -3ºC 2ºC 83% 37% 22ml 20kmh
Apr 6ºC 0ºC 3ºC 83% 32% 29ml 17kmh
May 10ºC 4ºC 5ºC 83% 26% 38ml 14kmh
Jun 13ºC 7ºC 7ºC 83% 28% 46ml 13kmh
Jul 13ºC 8ºC 8ºC 83% 31% 52ml 12kmh
Aug 12ºC 6ºC 9ºC 83% 34% 69ml 13kmh
Sep 7ºC 2ºC 7ºC 83% 42% 90ml 15kmh
Oct 3ºC -2ºC 5ºC 83% 44% 78ml 17kmh
Nov 2ºC -4ºC 5ºC 83% 41% 51ml 18kmh
Dec 0ºC -5ºC 4ºC 83% 41% 32ml 20kmh
Jan 0ºC 0ºC 0ºC 0% 0% 0ml 0kmh
Feb 0ºC 0ºC 0ºC 0% 0% 0ml 0kmh
Mar 0ºC 0ºC 0ºC 0% 0% 0ml 0kmh
Apr 0ºC 0ºC 0ºC 0% 0% 0ml 0kmh
May 0ºC 0ºC 0ºC 0% 0% 0ml 0kmh
Jun 0ºC 0ºC 0ºC 0% 0% 0ml 0kmh
Jul 0ºC 0ºC 0ºC 0% 0% 0ml 0kmh
Aug 0ºC 0ºC 0ºC 0% 0% 0ml 0kmh
Sep 0ºC 0ºC 0ºC 0% 0% 0ml 0kmh
Oct 0ºC 0ºC 0ºC 0% 0% 0ml 0kmh
Nov 0ºC 0ºC 0ºC 0% 0% 0ml 0kmh
Dec 0ºC 0ºC 0ºC 0% 0% 0ml 0kmh
Jan 1ºC -4ºC 3ºC 82% 41% 33ml 26kmh
Feb 1ºC -4ºC 2ºC 82% 41% 31ml 25kmh
Mar 2ºC -3ºC 2ºC 82% 41% 32ml 23kmh
Apr 6ºC 1ºC 2ºC 82% 33% 34ml 20kmh
May 10ºC 4ºC 5ºC 82% 26% 35ml 17kmh
Jun 12ºC 7ºC 7ºC 82% 26% 39ml 15kmh
Jul 13ºC 8ºC 8ºC 82% 29% 47ml 14kmh
Aug 11ºC 6ºC 8ºC 82% 33% 60ml 15kmh
Sep 7ºC 3ºC 7ºC 82% 41% 74ml 18kmh
Oct 4ºC 0ºC 5ºC 82% 43% 72ml 20kmh
Nov 2ºC -2ºC 4ºC 82% 41% 55ml 22kmh
Dec 1ºC -4ºC 4ºC 82% 41% 40ml 24kmh
Jan 1ºC -3ºC 3ºC 61% 33% 41ml 19kmh
Feb 1ºC -3ºC 2ºC 61% 33% 40ml 18kmh
Mar 2ºC -2ºC 2ºC 61% 32% 37ml 17kmh
Apr 5ºC 1ºC 3ºC 61% 27% 35ml 14kmh
May 8ºC 4ºC 5ºC 61% 21% 34ml 12kmh
Jun 10ºC 6ºC 6ºC 61% 21% 35ml 11kmh
Jul 10ºC 6ºC 7ºC 61% 23% 42ml 10kmh
Aug 9ºC 5ºC 7ºC 61% 27% 54ml 11kmh
Sep 6ºC 2ºC 6ºC 61% 32% 69ml 13kmh
Oct 3ºC 0ºC 4ºC 61% 33% 66ml 14kmh
Nov 2ºC -2ºC 4ºC 61% 32% 53ml 15kmh
Dec 1ºC -3ºC 4ºC 61% 33% 44ml 17kmh
Jan 2ºC -2ºC 5ºC 78% 52% 105ml 26kmh
Feb 3ºC -2ºC 5ºC 78% 55% 107ml 25kmh
Mar 4ºC -1ºC 5ºC 78% 50% 94ml 23kmh
Apr 7ºC 2ºC 5ºC 78% 41% 76ml 20kmh
May 11ºC 6ºC 8ºC 78% 33% 62ml 16kmh
Jun 13ºC 8ºC 10ºC 78% 30% 56ml 14kmh
Jul 13ºC 9ºC 11ºC 78% 33% 67ml 13kmh
Aug 12ºC 7ºC 11ºC 78% 39% 88ml 14kmh
Sep 9ºC 4ºC 9ºC 78% 45% 111ml 17kmh
Oct 5ºC 1ºC 7ºC 78% 45% 113ml 19kmh
Nov 3ºC -1ºC 6ºC 78% 47% 107ml 21kmh
Dec 2ºC -2ºC 6ºC 78% 50% 105ml 24kmh

Especies - Estacionalidad

Especies JanJFebFMarMAprAMayMJunJJulJAugASepSOctONovNDecD
Atlantic puffin
Especies JanJFebFMarMAprAMayMJunJJulJAugASepSOctONovNDecD
Atlantic puffin
Especies JanJFebFMarMAprAMayMJunJJulJAugASepSOctONovNDecD
Common Dolphin
Fin whale
Killer whale
Atlantic puffin
Arctic fox
Minke whale
Especies JanJFebFMarMAprAMayMJunJJulJAugASepSOctONovNDecD
Arlequin duck
Arctic fox

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